Tawaza EWER as a model for the conflict mitigation process and as a strategic tool

The Tawaza platform will be informed based on real-time actions, which will be supported by systematic data collection in quantitative and qualitative form, as well as the transmission of alerts and action recommendations to decision-makers using analytical tools that provide accurate information.

Tawaza will concentrate on national conflict prevention and peace strategies, as well as the guidelines that guide dialogue, mediation, and reconciliation. Training and awareness-raising require integrated institutional governance and coordination.

The platform will help monitor major societal conflicts and analyze key pre-determined indicators. In addition to undertaking analysis and providing alerts, the platform will also offer guidance on how and when to act, and assist identified groups that will support rapid responses.

The Tawaza information platform

This will allow for the management of conflict information, the issuing of warnings, and the promotion of early response.

The Tawaza intervention model

This will facilitate opportunities for dialogue and negotiation aimed at finding a peaceful solution to societal conflicts.

Tawaza management

This will include the resolution of local grassroots conflicts and demands that may arise as a result of peer-to-peer interventions, whether as a result of legal jurisdiction or political decision.

Tawaza education and training campaigns

These are a series of activities that educate peace actors and multi-stakeholder groups to be prepared and empowered to prevent and manage conflicts.

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