Context analysis


Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and poor civic education, No ballot voting for nominees, Fewer youth participation, too many candidates Party issues, e.g., wrong names and pictures for the aspirants, Bribes, alcohol, and substance abuse, Facilitating insights; Selfishness and threats, hate speech, and tribalism 

Preferences and interests:

sensitization forums, Civic education, Peace County dialogues, Establishment of multi-disciplinary peace forums, peace walks, Sports, Tree planting

Economic resources

Agriculture, education, institutions, and industries


Kiandutu, Kamenu, Weitethie, Hospital wards in Thika and Juja, Limuru: Misri-an informal settlement, Lavambira-idle youth, Tea farms 

Karanjee: various ethnic groups Kikuyu: stakes are high, as are political temperatures; proximity to Nairobi (Dagoretti); Ndeiya: near Thigio, Makutano, and Lari due to highway proximity.

Key actors

Politicians, Bodaboda, and youth leaders, 

Early warning indicators

Hate speech (social media insights); Bribery; Party zoning; Tribalism; Person, party, culture, and gender profiling

Community champions

Churches, Administration: Nyumba Kumi, Peace committees, Bloggers, Opinion leaders, NGOs at the grassroots, e.g., Red Cross

The Context of Election Situation in The Mathare Sub-County.


Bribes (Political Aspirants), Hate speech, Tribalism, High Crime rate, Insecurity, Not accepting results; Political zoning (Mabatini Ward ODM, Mlango Kubwa Ward UDA, Kiamaiko Ward UDA and Jubilee, Hospital Ward UDA and ODM, Ngei Ward ODM, Huruma Ward ODM, LandLord and tenants’ conflicts, and Rumors

Party nominations

Tribal. (Voting on tribal lines), Not democratic (Some aspirants have already been given direct nominations by their respective political parties), Misinformation, Not Fair, Violence, Corruption (Both by the political and the aspirants), Sexual exploitation, Threats, and undue influence (Voters being forced by goons to vote for their respective aspirants), and No venue clarification



Jack Oyata (MCA UDA), Mwanza (MCA UDA), Mark Thenga (MCA UDA), Eve Malenya (MCA ODM), Danila (MCA ODM), Fransisca Kitiwa (MCA Wiper), Bilian (MP UDA), Madafu (MP ANC), Anthony Oluoch (MP ODM), Rafuok (MCA ODM), Hesbon (MP ODM), Bahati (MP Jubilee), Jm Wanjohi (MP Jubilee), Malai (MP Wiper), Rooney (MCA ODM), and Faizal (MCA ODM)


Kigoma, Kisimayu, YGV, Number ten, Gate way, Jah Post, Huruma Grounds, Raila Odinga road, and Mathare 4A

Key actors:

Political aspirants (Through their goons), BodaBoda operators, Youth gang groups

Early warning indicators

Toll-free SMS and call platform MPI Kenya can send up to 20,000 SMS per minute and also use social media.

Information sharing channels

Dialogue forums, Chief Barazas, social media, and Events (community activities)

Community champions

Chief Rose, Chairlady Maendeleo ya wanawake (Wendy Gitau), Njoki Julia Hospital Ward, influential personality, Media Ghetto Radio, Religious leaders, Peace committee members, Governance Champions, Mathare Peace Initiative (Happy Alphonse Were), Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Grassroots, Black Pen Women Initiative, Shine and Light, and Women Empowerment and Social Integration

Activities that could address the problem

Peace walks, interactive community forums, Cycle for Peace, Interfaith Dialogue on Peace Market Day Peace Outreach, Youth and police officers talk about peace. Mtaani song for peace Community peace committee meetings and forums. Election observer training, mediation training Boda-Boda peace training Meeting with the police, and a forum for street youngsters, as well as community dialogue, Forums with aspirants, are held in-house. Peace monitors are being trained. Volunteering in the community (women at health centers), Redesign of the EWER system Mapping of election hotspots in Mathare Sub-County, Kenya A Women’s Leadership Forum for Aspiring Female Leaders Sports that promote peace, A Caravan for Peace


The Context of Election Situation in The Kibera Sub-County.


Theft, assaults, and violence are among the issues that Kibera will confront during the 2022 elections. Because there are so many contenders, there will be campaign conflict. Instead of selling the manifesto to the public, incitements, particularly among the youth, exploit their opponents’ weaknesses. Hate speech and inappropriate social media usage. Other issues include pandemonium in some regions but quiet in others, public bewilderment, unbiased police arrests, voter bribery, and so forth



Imran Okoth (ODM), Tony Sime (ODM), Orero Mwalimu (ODM), McDonald Mariga (UDA), Yusuf Noah (DAP), Ali Abdul (ODM), Makenzi (UDA), Joseph Mahera (ODM), Mohammed Gore (ODM), Yakub Safath (ANC), Abdu Aziz (ODM), Babu Adams (ODM), Timon Shaban (Jubilee), and Bishop Magembe (ODM) are candidates.



1. Kamukunji, 2. Soweto, 3. Mashimoni, 4. Lindi, 5. Darajani, 6. Toi, 7. Karanja, 8. Undugu Ground, 9. Gaza, and 10. Olympic Stage. This is the most commonplace that requires a lot of monitoring among the hotspots.

Key actors:

Aspirants, BodaBoda operators, pressure organizations, religious leaders, and youths are among the actors.

Early warning indicators

Bodaboda operators’ mobilization during the political rallies and campaigns are the signal of violence to the election, OCS and police officers, Hate speech, tribal groupings for elections, and zonings, e.g., Sarangombe. The early warning indicators that anticipate election violence and the reasons for mitigation and preparedness are significant.

Information sharing channels

In the county, information is disseminated in sub-counties through pressure groups, personal messaging on mobile phones and WhatsApp groups, and community gathering sites in Laini Saba grounds and Kamkunji. Some organizations have collaborated with and built partnerships with security agencies.

Community Champions

People listen to the words of party leaders, local leaders, community leaders, Pamoja FM, Barazas, and security agencies, among others.

Activities that could address the problem

Dialogues, sports and activities, talk shows, capacity building with religious leaders and peace actors, peace walks, and roadshows are some of the activities to address the problems.

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